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Logo design for wildlife conservation charity in Madagaskar
We were thrilled to be commissioned to design a logo for this Madagascan wildlife NGO (Madagascar is after all the home of the Aye-aye!). The logo needed to show the species which the charity specialise in, and we included the Baobab tree to join it all together. The logo is designed with flat block colours to make it easier for artists at the reserves in the country to hand pain the logo on to banners and signs. We also developed Madagasikara Voakajy's website.
Logo for conservation land management company

In this logo design we used the natural colours of earth and greenery with a subtle snake shape running through to give an inkling of the companies specialisation in reptile and amphibian mitigation works.

A Logo design for an ecological consultant

This Bournemouth based ecological consultancy specialise in reptile and amphibians, and were keen to use the adder as part of their corporate image, so we used adders and a lizard to help spell out their name! We also designed and developed CGO Ecology's website.

Design of a logo from an original idea supplied to us
Brett from Lewis Ecology is a creative photographer as well as an ecological consultant, and had designed his own logo depicting a badger footprint, lizard and water droplet. He asked us to 'computerise' his logo to give it a proffessional edge, we put it into Adobe Illustrator and came up with this sleek design.
Great Crested Newt Logo
This project logo was designed for Kent Reptile and Amphibian Groups Great Crested Newt project.
Toad conservation logo
This project logo was designed for Kent Reptile and Amphibian Groups Toad conservation project.

A Logo designed for a natural history society

We love natural history, and were inspired by reading in one of Kent Field Club's Newsletters about how this digger wasp mimiks and orchard. We were deligted that the committee chose this logo design from the options we presented to them. It was facinating to use the club members expertise and advice to make sure the flower and insect were anatomically spot on! We also designed and developed Kent Field Club's website.

Bilingual Logo for woodland organisation
This voluntary association of woodland community groups wanted to reflect the natural cycles of the woodland as well as the human element of their organisation. We merged the cycled of hawthorn leaves with some helping hands to create a modern and eyecatching logo.
Coporate identily for wildlife consultant

This ecological consultant & surveyor wanted to show their specialisations of freshwater, terrestrial and marine ecosystems in their logo. We used shades of blue and green along with subtle outlines of animals to make a simple but informative logo.
Project logo for wildlife conservation
This project logo was designed for Kent Reptile and Amphibian Groups Adders in Decline project.

Logo designed for a local wildlife group

We designed this simple logo spell out the three main points about the organisation - Kent (Traditional Oast house) - Reptiles (Adder) - Amphibians (frog). KRAG chose a good traditional font to reflect the fact they they are a long established organisation. We also designed the KRAG website.


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