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Adding and Editing Web Links

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You can add new Links to your Web Links page by clicking the New button in the toolbar whilst Managing your Web Links.

The following screen will display:

Fill in (or edit) the details as follows:

Name: This is the text which will appear on the Web Links page for this link, for example the name of the company or organisation who's website you are linking to.

Published: Set this to Yes if you want the Web Link to appear straight away on the website. If you are adding a lot of links and sorting them into categories, you may want to leave them unpublished until you are happy they are all correct.

Category: Choose the category in which you'd like the Web Link to appear. If you want it to appear in a new category, you have to create that first - see Managing your Web Links.

URL: This is the website address that you are linking to, for example: http://www.ayeayedesign.co.uk If you are linking to a particular page of a website, it may be easier and more accurate to copy and paste the URL from your browser address bar rather than typing it in by hand.

Description: It's useful for your viewers if you enter a short description explaining what the website is, and why you are listing it on your Web Links page.

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