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Adding and Editing Publications

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To add a new Publication to the Publications section of your website, you must first upload it from your computer. To do this, you need to click the Upload button in the Toolbar in the Files part of the Publications Administration (see Managing your Publications)

(If you don't have a special Publications section on your website, you can still create download links on your website, see Uploading Downloads (making links to PDF's and other files).

Create a New Document

Follow the onscreen instructions to upload your file, then when prompted, create a new Document for the File (the Document is the information about the file, which is to be displayed on your website - see Managing your Publications).

If you have already uploaded the File, and haven't created a Document for it, it won't display on the website. Find it in the list of Files and click the New Doc link in the Toolbar:

On this screen, you can add or edit the following details:

Name: This is the Title of the publication which will appear on your website. It can be different from the name of the File itself.

Category: Select the Category you'd like the publication to appear in.

Description: A short description of the publication. One idea is to put a bullet point list of the contents of the file, so people know what's in it before they download it.

File: This will automatically display the File which you are creating the Document (information) for.

Date: This will automatically be the date which the Document was created, and is also the date which will display on the website. You can change this date easily by clicking the Calendar Button.

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