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Adding and Editing Products

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You can add new Products to your Shop by clicking the New button in the toolbar whilst Managing your Products. You can edit existing products by clicking on their name in the list.

You'll then see the following screen:

[edit product first screen]

Use the Apply button in the toolbar to save your changes as you go along. Once you've finished, click the Save button to return to the product list.

Starting from the top, you can enter (or edit) the following details:

Name: This is the name of the product which will appear wherever the product is referenced.

Enabled: Set to Yes to display the product on the website front end. Disabled products will only be visible in the administration system.

Below that there are the following tabs, which you can click through to make sure all the settings for a product are correct:

Product Details

Requires Delivery: Set to Yes for most mail order products (means the customer is asked for a delivery address in the checkout). Set to No if the purchase is not deliverable (such as for a training course).

Dimensions: If you're shop is set up to display product dimensions, you can enter them here. The dimensions are in centimeters and kilograms.

Categories: You need to add your product to one of the categories in your shop - Click the 'Select Categories' link and a list of all of your categories will appear. In the 'Status' column in the list, click the red cross icons to add your product to that category. The category(s) which your product are in will display a green tick. One you have finished, you can close the categories window.

Full Description: Enter a detailed description of your product here!

Short Description: This will appear in lists of products in your front end.

Hidden Description: Here your can enter alternative descriptions of your product. These will not display on the website, but will be visible to search engines.

Images: Click 'View Gallery' to see and manage all of the images for the product. You can remove existing images by clicking the 'remove' link. To upload a new image, click the 'Browse' button to locate the image file on your computer. Don't worry about the size, it will be automatically re-sized when you upload it for quick viewing and to fit nicely in your shop.

Pricing and Availability

Item for sale?: Set to 'Yes' if you want people to be able to purchase the product! If you set to 'No', the product will display in the shop, but there will be no 'Add to Cart' link, so they won't be able to buy it.

Price: Enter the price of the product.

Related Items

Here you can see a list of related items, which if a feature of your shop, links to them will display when viewing this product. To add a new one, you'll need the 'Product ID'. You can get this from the list of products (see Managing your Products) in the 'ID' column. Have another browser window open so that you can get the ID's of products from the list without leaving the product editing page.


This is only for shops which have more than one display template for products, if you need to use this we'll tell you in your Website Guide.



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