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Managing your website Pages

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All of the standard Pages of your website can be accessed by clicking the Pages button in your Control Panel, or choosing All Pages from the Administrator Menu.

To find out which parts of your website come under "Pages", see your Website Guide. Generally this will be "About Us", your "News" section, "Projects" or any other sections of your website which contain basic pages of text and images and are not part of a special system.

To add a new link, click the New button in the toolbar. To edit an existing link, click on it's title in the list. For more information see Adding and Editing Pages.

Finding Pages in the List

As your content and number of Pages grows, you may want quickly find an Page in the list, you can type it’s title (or part of it) in the “Filter” box above the list at the top left, then click the “Go” button. If you want to display all of the items again, click the “Reset” button.

You can also filter Pages by their section (eg "News", "Projects", etc) and by their specific category (eg "Bats").



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