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Managing your Products

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Whilst Managing your Shop, click on the Catalog tab at the top right of the page to view a list of your products.

[product list view]

Finding Products to edit

You can search for a particular product you want to edit by typing it's name into the "Search" box at the top of the list. You can view all of the products in a particular Category by using the - Select Category - drop down box.

To edit a product, click on its name in the list. For more information see Adding and Editing Products.

Adding New Products

To add a brand new product, click the New button in the toolbar. For more information see Adding and Editing Products.

Deleting Products

To delete a product, tick the tick box next to it's name in the list, and then click the Delete button in the toolbar.

If you want to remove a product from public display on your website, but still be able to access it in the administration system, perhaps for a record of old products, you can simply Unpublish the product and it will be removed from the front end of the website.

Ordering Products

If you'd like the products to display in a particular sequence on your website, you can click on the little green up and down arrows in the "Order" column to move them. To check they are in the right order, click on the word "Order" itself at the top of the column to sort the list of products by their order.

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