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Editing Text

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When you are editing a Page, or any other item (such as an Event or Publication) you’ll see a set of  buttons above the text editor box.

This works in the same way as a standard word processor - select (highlight) the text you want to style and click the appropriate button. You can hover over the buttons and a small explanation of what they do will pop up.

Bullet Point Lists

To make bullet point lists, type in your list as separate lines of text, then select all of the lines in the list, and click the bullet point list button.


If you want to split your page up into different sections, you can use headings. Type in the text for your heading on a new line, then place the cursor on that line, and choose a heading type from the "Format" drop down box. Heading 1 is the biggest and Heading 3 is the smallest.


You can add links within your pages to both other pages on your website and to external websites. For more information see Making Links.

Images and Photos

To brighten up your web pages, you can add photos and other images within the flow of text. For more information see Adding Images.

Download Links

You can add direct links within your text which people can click to download a file such as a PDF, Excel or Word Document. If you have a Publications section in your website, see Linking to Publications from other parts of your website.

If you don't have a special Publications section on your website, you can still create Download Links, see Making Links.

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