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Adding Images

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You can upload an image from your computer and add it to any Page you create. To get started, either create a new Page, or edit an existing one, then follow the steps below.

There is no need to worry about the file size or dimensions of your image or photograph, when you upload it it will be automatically re-sized to fit neatly within your page and be quick to load when people are viewing your website.

Adding an Image

1. Click to place your cursor in the position in your text where you'd like to add the image:


2. Click on the "Insert/Edit Image" button in the text editor buttons:


3. The Image Manager will appear. Click the Upload button:

4. You can drag and drop an image file from your desktop or anywhere on your computer into the "Drop files here" box. Alternatively you can click the Browser button to find the image you want to upload:

5. You will now see your image file listed in the upload window. Now click the Upload button!

6. Your new image will now be displayed in the image manager. Click on the image, and it's details will automatically be displayed in the lower half of the Image Manager window:

7. Now click the "Insert" button to place the image on your page.

8. The image should now be displayed on the page you are editing! Now save your page!

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